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Great storytellers of our time

It probably won't get much coverage in the papers, but it was a year ago today that Jeffrey Archer was banged up at her Majesty's pleasure for what was supposed to be four years.

You know, when I go back and read some of the short stories he wrote, I always come away with the impression "well, we always *knew* he was a crook" as he weaves his way through scams and other crooked ways.

Even his stories where nothing actually illegal happens, they're not actually straightforward.

The problem is, even though I have read his books and enjoyed his plays, so am probably what I guess you'd call a fan, I think if I said anything too objectionable, he probably would try to sue me.

I remember when he was here in New Zealand promoting one of his books, I saw him on a television show. As he talked about his life, his writings, his travel, his politics, he was sweetness and light. Then the interviewer touched on some other things, and his whole demeanour changed. Mention that again and I'll sue you seemed to be the tone. Very ugly, very aggressive. The interviewer backed down and moved onto safer ground, and within a few seconds it was sweetness and light again!

Love your work, not sure about your behaviour with the law. I hope you've put your time inside to good use, like Hugh Cornwell did. Can we look forward to a new book or two shortly?

By the way, when will he be released? 4 years sentence from July 2001 - good heavens, it could be as early as next week!
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