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mariah carey

Hello, I'm new and making catty remarks about is *mah* life. I think there should be a law against Mariah Carey trying to reestablish her career. It's over, sista. Move on. Once one goes s.l.u.t, it's time to pick up the ashes that is left of one's life, tuck in their padded bra and go to a small town, change your name and get a job as a waitress. Then she can smile when young women come into the diner and mention her and how they used to sing along to her to her music when they were little girls. Mariah forgot one golden rule of celebrity, that is if you are not known for being ho, it's best not to take a step back and try to make people associate you with the slutdom. Before her venture into the challenging world of wet t'shirts and daisy duke shorts, Mariah was highly respected artist. Her songs were corny and full of love and the things one rolls eyes at but noone could argue that she was pretty classy and could sing. Some people disliked her but she had fans and even her harshiest critic could probably find one song of hers that was semi enjoyable. Then Mariah took a turn for the worse. She decided her body was good enough to expose to millions. She decided sophisication was boring and decided that being reduced to slutdom would sell more records. She wanted to be known as being sexy. Instead, it made her seem desprate and made people lose respect for her. Then realizing that her low cut blouses weren't going to gather very much new air to her since just about every pop princess has exposed nearly every part of their body, she thought changing her music would gather more interest to her. NOT! Now, her fans might have been able to overlook her change of clothes but her venture into sucky music and even one sucky film was too much for them to take. They had to bail out and in a hurry. Mariah should have just let her career die quietly (if it were ready to gasp it's last) before filling the world with the horrorifying images of her in a tight top and shorts and with a rainbow painted across her ass and chest. Good Gawd. *shudder* Then her fans may have been able to remember her fondly instead of as a wacked out ho. The interesting thing about Mariah is that she was a established artist and did have to change her image and reduce herself to looking like a tramp. Some do this on their way up, some on their way down but few do it when their career seems like it's a pretty good place. strange.
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